January’s Recommendations

winter cat January is the coldest month of the year in Ohio. These colder days bring specific dangers to our furry friends. Animals can quickly succumb to hypothermia and frostbite when temperatures drop, even if they stay above freezing. Keep animals indoors as much as possible. Outdoor pets should have warm, draft-free shelter and fresh water. Heated water pans and buckets are available for purchase to ensure your pet always has access to water. Keep coats well-groomed and clean – a clean fluffy coat holds in much more body heat then a dirty matted one. Clear paths for your pets where they can eliminate without getting their belllies in the snow and ice. Remember that salt and de-icing agents can also cause problems including burns and digestive upset. Make sure to clean off paws and bellies throughly if your pet comes into contact with these chemicals. Antifreeze is also very dangerous. Keep pets out of parking lots and garages where leaks might be prevalent and if you suspect ingestion, get your pet to an emergency clinic immediately. Flea and tick prevention is still necessary in these cold months, as fleas can survive the winter in dog houses and carpets.