Online/Human Pharmacies

It is the policy of Cloud Park Animal Clinic not to sell or prescribe heartworm preventive medication to any animal which has not been examined and heartworm tested within the past year. This policy is in direct accordance with Ohio state law regarding the veterinary-client-pet relationship. Once your pet has tested negative and been given a clean bill of health, we will authorize up to 12 months of heartworm prevention. As a courtesy to our clients, we are happy to provide a written prescription.

When choosing a pharmacy, make sure to do your research. Many of the online pharmacies and human pharmacies do not have a relationship with the drug manufacturer, and instead offer a stipend to veterinary clinics or other entities to divert extra product to be resold by said pharmacy. Here are a few things to be aware of:

1.Because there is no relationship between such pharmacies and the manufacturer, the products are not guaranteed. If you have purchased flea/tick or heartworm prevention and your pet contracts any of the parasites that the product claims to protect against, you (the client) are solely responsible for paying for your pet’s treatment. If you have purchased these products from a veterinary clinic or a pharmacy that purchases product directly from the manufacturer, the product is GUARANTEED!!

2. Always retain a copy of your original prescription to check against the product you received. Unfortunately, some of these pharmacies have dispensed the wrong medications. Carefully check the received medication to make sure that the drug name, milligram dosage, and quantity match up with your written prescription.

For more helpful information on animal pharmacy, visit the FDA link below:

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