July’s Recommendations

fireworks“Happy Fourth of July!” It might be for you, but chances are your pets are not huge fans of this holiday, with scary fireworks galore. Pets who are scared by thunder or loud noises are normally upset by fireworks. If your pet is particularly afraid, keep in mind they could do things that they normally would not. Many pets find themselves jumping fences, chewing up the couch or making messes in the house in their effort to show their frustration and fear of this holiday. Try to keep pets indoors, possibly in a cage to help them feel more secure. If your animals are particularly afraid, contact your veterinarian well in advance of the holiday to ask their advise. They may prescribe medications for your anxious pets, or suggest a product like the Thundershirt ™, which Cloud Park Animal Clinic recommends for anxious dogs. This way, both you and your pets will feel better come July fourth.